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Disease registries are databases that collect clinical data on patients with specific diseases (in eye care e.g. cataract, AMD, DR, glaucoma, uveitis etc.). Quality outcome projects are comprehensive registries to develop concepts for therapy benefit management and healthcare guidelines.

The complete product suite
The ifa group (ifa united i-tech Inc. together with ifa systems AG, Germany and integration.AG, Germany) offers the complete product suite in the field of disease registries and quality outcome projects. The graphic chart below shows how an electronic medical record can function as the core in a system connecting technical applications (e.g. terminology services and device connectivity) as well as clinical applications (disease management services, certification programs, quality management systems). Data from the electronic medical record can be directly transferred to e.g. disease registries and/or clinical trials.
Turn Key Solutions

Reference Projects 1996-2011

Since the middle of the 1990s, ifa systems AG, the parent company of ifa united i-tech Inc., has been the world's leading company in the field of complex ophthalmic IT projects. For more information on one of the international reference projects mentioned below, please click on one of the links.
EMR implementation in ophthalmology
(International Ophthalmic Technology Association)
Cataract and refractive surgery
(ESCRS and European Union)
European Glaucoma Society
Glaucoma management
(European Glaucoma Society & pharmaceutical industry)
European Union
Diabetic retinopathy management
(European Union)


The ifa group provides turn-key-solutions for a wide range of organizations:
  • Government health organizations
  • Professional organizations (eye care)
  • Pharmaceutical and IOL industry
  • Ophthalmologists - eye care networks
The comprehensive solution portfolio of ifa systems AG:
  • Identification and development of requirements
  • Definition and design of data models (data variables)
  • Systems and software engineering
  • Web hosting and user support
  • Data management and analysis (outcome)

The ifa systems AG specialists are fluent in multiple healthcare vocabularies:

  • HL7 (health level 7) interfacing clinical data
  • DICOM (Digital Imaging and communication in medicine)
  • IHE Eye Care (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise)
Of course, the ifa experts are members of all relevant workgroups and committees. All local ifa applications (e.g. EMR) can be connected with remote projects (e.g. registries).